To register one or more children for the I.L. Peretz Community Jewish School, a $25 deposit per child is required. Kindly pay your deposit below by PayPal or by check.  You will receive an invoice for the remaining tuition, which can be paid over a period of several months.  Please note that school registration includes a Family Community Membership, a Workmen’s Circle membership, a School Membership, and all Tuition.

To Register Online (PayPal)

To Register by Mail (Checks Only)

2020-2021 School Registration Fees
School Membership $320
Family Community Membership $175
Workmen’s Circle Membership $100
Membership Fee Subtotal $595
Level 1 (K - 1st Grade) $400 per child
Level 2/3/4 (2nd - 7th Grades) $795 per child
*Note: Textbook fees are included in tuition.
Total School Registration Fees (Membership +Tuition)
One child, Level 1 $995
One child, Levels 2, 3 or 4 $1,390
Two children, Level 1 $1,395
Two children, Level 1 and other $1,790
Two children, Levels 2, 3 or 4 $2,185
Three children, Level 1 $1,795
Three children, two Level 1 and one other $2,190
Three children, one Level 1 and two other $2,585
Three children, Levels 2, 3 or 4 $2,980