The I.L. Peretz Community Jewish School

. . . is an inclusive, secular Jewish school located in central New Jersey. Our school for children K through 7th grades attracts families of diverse structures and backgrounds and meets on Sunday mornings from September through May. This year, due to the pandemic, we have abbreviated our calendar to focus on holiday celebrations and social action. The curriculum emphasizes historical and cultural approaches to the study of our Jewishness. Our Jewishness is reflected in our commitment to each other, to Tikkun Olam, Hebrew for "repair the world,"and to make a shenere un bessere velt, Yiddish for "a more beautiful and better world." Classes are directed toward understanding our people's past and enriching our present lives as Jews.

The I.L. Peretz Secular Jewish Community

. . . organizes activities and events that educate our children, young adults, and older adults in engaging ways about Jewish heritage and the world around us, including High Holiday, Chanukah, Purim, Passover and other celebrations; weekly Friday-night and Sunday-morning Adult Education Programs; and Yiddish language instruction for adults. We learn to care for our fellow community members, support the greater communities in which we live, help preserve our environment, pursue social and economic justice, and work to “repair the world” in which we live.