Who was I.L. Peretz?

Our school was named after the great Yiddish writer I. L. Peretz. He was born in 1852 in Zamosc , Poland . Though raised in the orthodox tradition, he also absorbed worldly knowledge. He is one of the most influential figures of modern Jewish culture. Dedicated to Yiddish culture, he recognized that Jews needed to[…]

Can you still be part of Peretz if you don’t have children in the school?

Peretz has an active “non-school” community. Members attend the holiday celebrations and Sunday morning adult educational programs at the school, run a monthly Friday night education ser ies, enjoy a Jewish book group, and attend semiannual weekend retreats at Stokes State Forest along with the school families. An adult-only Chanukah party and annual summer picnic[…]

What is expected of parents to help run the school?

The minimal expectation for parents is to provide refreshments for two Sunday morning programs, to help clean up the classrooms on those days, and to ser ve on one holiday committee (generally setting up and cleaning up food.) Heading up a committee or participation on the board is encouraged.

What does it cost?

School membership including tuition and books ranges from $705 for one child (grade K-1) in the school to $1560 for 2 children in (grades 2-7). A family membership for those with no children in the school is $120.  A single community membership is $85.

Are there opportunities for Community Service and Social Action?

There is a strong emphasis on “mitzvah” activities for the children and families. Sing-alongs at a senior center, decorating a Spring banner with children at a family shelter, collection for tzedakah charity, food drives, “pet supply” drive and a tour of an animal shelter to name a few. Speakers are also brought in to discuss[…]

Are there educational Programs for Adults?

While the children are in class, parents and other community members can attend Sunday morning discussions over bagels, on Jewish-themed topics. A Yiddish class is also offered on Sunday mornings as well as periodic Israeli folk dance workshops. Peretz also offers monthly Friday evening cultural, educational and social programs.

Do children have Bar and Bat Mitzvahs?

The student’s education culminates with a graduation ceremony requiring students to research and present a topic on a Jewish theme. Parents may choose to do a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony outside of the school. Because there is no set formula to follow, creating a unique ceremony becomes part of each family’s ongoing process of[…]

Are there Shabbat and holiday services? Is there a Rabbi?

There are no Friday night or Saturday morning Shabbat ser vices and no Rabbi. Holiday ceremonies are lead by our President and school Principal. The unique ceremonies are not prayer-based, they are in English and focus on connecting the traditional holiday with current social issues. They often include lively group discussions, singing songs in English,[…]

What is a Secular Jewish School?

As a secular school, our curriculum emphasizes historical and cultural approaches to the study of Judaism. An examination of religious perspectives is included, but we do not prescribe religious interpretations or practices for our children and prayers are not taught. The weekly program includes the study of our traditions, history, literature (including bible stories) with[…]